Pottukadalai Ladoo Recipe in Tamil | Thank you 3 Million Subscribers | Happy Ramadan

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  • ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 21 ਮਈ 2020
  • In this video we will see how to make Pottukadalai Laddu recipes in Tamil. Pottukadalai urundai is a very easy to make recipe which can be made in a few minutes. Friends, we have reached a milestone of 3 million subscribers and I want to thank each and everyone who has traveled alongside me in this journey. Also I wish everyone a Happy Ramadan !
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    1 cup ----- Roasted Channa Dal (Pottu Kadalai)--(110g)
    1/2 cup---Sugar--(110g)
    1/4 cup----Ghee (50g)
    4 Cardamom
    1) Roast Channa Dal / Pottu kadalai for 2-3 minutes.
    2) Grind the dal along with sugar and cardamon
    3) Seive to make a fine powder
    4) Mix with melted ghee (moderate heat)
    5) Form into ball shape
    Friends, we have reached a milestone of 3 million subscribers and I want to thank each and everyone who has traveled alongside me in this journey. Please do try this recipe at home and share it with your friends and family. Also please do share your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. All the best and happy cooking!
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