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  • ਨੂੰ ਪ੍ਰਕਾਸ਼ਿਤ ਕੀਤਾ ਗਿਆ 23 ਜੂਨ 2020
  • Lyrics given below
    Artist & Lyrics - Emiway Bantai
    Music - Pendo46
    Mix/Master - Emiway
    Visuals by - Happy
    Edited by - Emiway and Happy
    Visual effects - Vbreak
    Production - Bantai studio
    Producer- Emiway Bantai
    Emiway Management MAIL ID
    Social connect
    Instagram - Emiway_Bantai
    Facebook - Emiway37
    Twitter - emiwaytweets
    I kill ma enemy one round
    Fighting everybody one mouth
    Motherfuckers trynna put me down
    Get ready for shutdown (x4)
    Do uh Know my Background
    INstop is my platform
    Makin f**kin money out of it
    Yes i can stand strong
    Even audio platforms
    Let’s Put the facts on
    Haters won’t be satisfied coz
    They can’t last long
    game strong
    I just make songs
    With no brakes on
    Have some patience all my haters
    Yes it do Takes long
    Motto Keep grinding everyday
    Real name Shaikh Mohd Billal
    Stage name Emiway
    Soo many kids are trynna hate me
    Nobody can dominate me
    New acheivement eveday
    Everybody congratulate me
    Had to wake me
    I wanna make me
    M livin billionair
    Not checking the price tag
    Yes m gettin it
    Evethng that i wanted
    evethng mammy wanted
    evethng dadda wanted
    This is the life i wanted
    I Got it all my fella
    She wanna meet me should be open minded go tell her
    Life is fantastic
    My friends are my soldier
    Makin music eveday
    Evedbody loves emiway
    Flow is gonna be complicate
    Haters are doin
    Copy paste
    Dheere dheere se hora tez gora
    face nai hai mera fir bhi
    Bandhiya pagal hai
    Favourite khana dal chawal hai
    Jisko nai pata beta ye usi ka
    Power hai independent k tower hai
    Yaha paiso ka shower hai
    Beat baja lala freestyle one hour hai
    What are uh waitin for
    Is my habit
    I look cute with bunny teeth
    Girls are callin me rabbit
    Damn it i never plan it
    I think m from diffrent
    Dnt trynna fuck with me
    Cz uh already know m a savage
    9mm sound seedha bheje mei dediya
    Insaan ke bhes mei seher mei ghume
    Studio mei chillax aur raat bhar gediya
    Rengte keede ko khane aayela ye chidiya
    Smokin cannabis
    M trynna manifest
    M tryng ma best
    To improve myself
    M trynna get out my nest
    Time for rest never
    m workin so clever
    I love rapping much
    I can just never say never
    Never never
    Dnt trynna beat my fuckin level
    I never drop my treble
    So many people
    Are subcriber
    Love them Forever
    I got the god in me
    sometimes m turning into devil
    But m stopping myself
    Still gonna take revenge from all
    Razor blade wala flow
    Seedha blaze kar na bro
    Bantai gana release kia
    Speaker tez karna bro
    Waise case karna toh
    Bohot asan hai
    Maaf kia sabko music mei
    Lagara jaan
    mei tu
    Dekhte reh
    Chal aankh sekhte reh
    Tu fekhte reh haha
    Emiway Bantai
    Malum hai na

    #Roundone #Emiway #Bantai
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    Emiway Banta🧡💛💙
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    Emiway B🧡💛💙
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    Who is your favourite?
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